How To Install Garmin XT for PDA

  • First of all, download Garmin Mobile XT for Windows Mobile software version 5.00.20w
  • Next thing is to run the installation through activesync. After installation, SOFT RESET.
  • After boot up and enter windows. If Prompted to run the software, Select NO.
  • Now go to FILE MANAGER on your PDA, go to storage card you will find FOLDER: 2577, delete the folder.
  • Now go to program and find GARMIN XT Apps. Run the Apps.

choose the bottom one (last one, the 4th), “use garmin bt devices

Getting your UNIT ID :

  1. Select AGREE on the warning bla bla.
  2. If there is prompt to search Bluetooth GPS device and ask you to go or stop. just click STOP (no need to search at this moment).
  3. On the main screen see bottom and click “SETTINGS”
  4. On the next screen see bottom right and click “DOWN ARROW”
  5. You will see “ABOUT” click it.
  6. You will see: “ESN ID” or “UNIT ID” or “CARD ID”
  7. Write all of them in the piece of paper. double check it. don’t miss one word.
  8. Click BACK and BACK again. and click EXIT.

Activation :

  1. Run the Keygen you will see 2 (two) entry field.
  2. First entry field called “Enter your Unit ID here”
  3. Now see your notes you wrote previously and enter your ID
  4. For PDA using Bluetooth GPS receiver use “ESN ID” or “CARD ID
  5. For PDA using Internal Built in GPS (kaiser, D810, artemis) use “UNIT ID” or “CARD ID
  6. Enter your ID and hit “Generate Button” you will get 25 Digit CODE.
  7. Select it double click it until highlighted (greyist) click RIGHT MOUSE AND COPY.
  8. WARNING! DON’T CLOSE THE KEYGEN YET!! if you accidentally close it, start STEP 37 again.
  9. Now go to Windows Explorer/My computer create a folder and open it, inside that folder create .txt file by click RIGHT MOUSE->NEW->TEXT DOCUMENTS it will create “NEW TEXT DOCUMENT.TXT” (0KB)
  10. Open the file and click “PASTE“, now your 25 code should be printed on the first line.
  11. Save it. and close the document.
  12. Now rename that file by right click on the file -> Rename
  13. Rename it like this: “sw.unl” make sure the .txt extension change to .unl
  14. don’t do this: “sw.unl.txt” (wrong!).
  15. Now go to your File Manager at your PDA!!
  16. Make sure of this because there is TWO Garmin Folders inside your PDA. the one is at the internal memory/Root and the other one at storage card.
  17. GO TO “STORAGE CARD” and find GARMIN FOLDER. put the file “sw.unl” there.
  18. Now go to PDA and start GARMIN XT apps. it should take you to warning screen. and it won’t ask you to activate the software again.
  19. If not working and the Screen still locked, you need to try different ID, maybe your card ID… maybe your ESN ID… try it see which one is work for you.
  21. if everything OK you should be happy 50% of your problem are gone.
  22. *** NOW GO GET SOME BEER***
  23. let me remind you that the KEYGEN Still running.. don’t close it yet if you want to unlock maps use the same method with unlock file named gmapsupp.unl containing the unlock code with this using your mapid and device id.
  24. Voila there you have it … , here’s a couple of screenshots :



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